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Innovacion Contenedor believes in providing quality service to our customers. We have made global recognition as a result of years of experience and dedication.

Innovacion Contenedor is managed by a team of talented and dedicated men and women. We are a customer driven organization who values every customer. Our ability to make quick decisions to meet the demands of the needs of our customers stems from our belief that frequent and effective communication is important and necessary.

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to define the technical, commercial and operational needs of the business to ensure that the ISO tanks we supply fully meet all the criteria. We have purchased brand new ISO tanks & Cryogenic tanks of the latest design.

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Our Vision

Creating a sustainable future to care for the generation.

Logistics With A
Human Touch

INNOVACION CONTENEDOR Group, a humble trade mark of our personalized service to all our business partners.

Rest assured, you can see and feel the difference and understand that the way we care for your business goes beyond the digital age once you have engage with our service.

Innovacion Contenedor has established through the years since 2004 and has achieved a permanent recognition in the global market . We have gained high recognition of being an efficient and reliable partner as claimed by our privilege clients. We are determined to deliver you with the warm and excellent customer service and to provide high-quality built ISO tanks to your business. We believe in bringing back the warm personal care for every unique client is important. This is because we have a strong passion to serve our customers and to deliver our commitment as the way we say it. “We are all the way with you.”

In INNOVACION CONTENEDOR Group, we offers T11 tanks, T50 & T75 tanks for lease, as well as our logistics services to compliment our clients as a complete package service. As one can appreciate, whether managing liquid tanks for food, chemicals , gas tanks or cryogenic tanks is not an easy task.

Count on us to provide personalized support and strong industry partnerships to guarantee optimal logistics solutions tailored specifically to your business requirements.

We look forward to the opportunity to work and be part of you.

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Big Enough To Deliver, Small Enough To Care

At Innovacion Contenedor, we are in the business of protecting your liquid assets with a personal touch. Our team of talented men and women have gained global recognition after years of experience and dedication. With proactive communication as the foundation of every project, we make quick decisions to meet the emerging needs of every client. We are attentive to every client like they are our only one.

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Lo Suficientemente Grande Para Entregar, Lo Suficientemente Pequeño Para Cuidar

En Innovacion Contenedor, estamos en el negocio de proteger sus activos líquidos con un toque personal. Nuestro equipo de hombres y mujeres talentosos se ha ganado el reconocimiento mundial después de años de experiencia y dedicación. Con la comunicación proactiva como base de cada proyecto, tomamos decisiones rápidas para satisfacer las necesidades emergentes de cada cliente. Estamos atentos a cada cliente como si fuera el único.

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Wherever You Are, We’re There With You

We have operations across Europe, Asia, South America & the Middle East.

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